SuggestGrid uses basic HTTP authentication over HTTPS for authentication.

Once signed up two accounts and two keys per account are created for you.

SuggestGrid provide two users for our clients: public and private. Two keys are associated with each account so that they can maintain connections using one key while regenerating the other.

Private methods are available for private authentication. However, public methods are available for public, and private authentications.

Public methods are recommendation and similarity methods in addition to single action post method.

The rest of methods are private methods and only supposed to be used on your backend.

Public account is supposed to be used on frontend whereas private account is supposed to be used on backend. If a malicious user extracts your public user keys from your frontend, the damage they could give is minimal. However, exposure of your private keys could expose your data on SuggestGrid to malicious parties.

The next section is about metadata of your users and items. These metadata can be used to add filters to your queries and more.