Geting Started

Welcome to SuggestGrid documentations. SuggestGrid is a recommendation and similarity service. You can easily integrate SuggestGrid to create personalized applications.

SuggestGrid learns from previous actions on your application and can predict actions of the same type.

SuggestGrid's API is very flexible and it could be applied to any domain where users are taking actions on items.

For instance, you can share purchase data with SuggestGrid and it can learn which products are more likely to be purchased by which users. In this case, you might want to create a implicit type called purchases and send these actions to your purchases type. Afterwards, you will be able to send recommendation and similarity queries.

While started with SuggestGrid is quick, it also has many advanced features. These features range from filters to combining recommendations and similarities, multi-type recommendations to having metadata fields on response messages.

Please go ahead and start following our documentation from action types.